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Detectarea proprietatilor extinse ale fisierelor

Prezint în articolul de astăzi o modalitate de a detecta proprietățile extinse ale fișierelor printr-un VBScript:

File detail

Scriptul exemplu a fost creat pentru a detecta Product Version pentru fișierul C:\Windows\Notepad.exe:

' must explicitly declare all variables
Option Explicit
' declare global variables
Dim aFileFullPath, aDetail
' set global variables
aFileFullPath = "C:\Windows\Notepad.exe"
aDetail = "Product Version"
' display a message with file location and file detail
WScript.Echo ("File location: " & vbTab & aFileFullPath & vbNewLine & _
aDetail & ": " & vbTab & fGetFileDetail(aFileFullPath, aDetail))
' make global variable happy. set them free
Set aFileFullPath = Nothing
Set aDetail = Nothing
' get file detail function. created by Stefan Arhip on 20111026 1000
Function fGetFileDetail(aFileFullPath, aDetail)
' declare local variables
Dim pvShell, pvFileSystemObject, pvFolderName, pvFileName, pvFolder, pvFile, i
' set object to work with files
Set pvFileSystemObject = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
' check if aFileFullPath provided exists
If pvFileSystemObject.FileExists(aFileFullPath) Then
' extract only folder & file from aFileFullPath
pvFolderName = pvFileSystemObject.GetFile(aFileFullPath).ParentFolder
pvFileName = pvFileSystemObject.GetFile(aFileFullPath).Name
' set object to work with file details
Set pvShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set pvFolder = pvShell.Namespace(pvFolderName)
Set pvFile = pvFolder.ParseName(pvFileName)
' in case detail is not detected...
fGetFileDetail = "Detail not detected"
' parse 400 details for given file
For i = 0 To 399
' if desired detail name is found, set function result to detail value
If uCase(pvFolder.GetDetailsOf(pvFolder.Items, i)) = uCase(aDetail) Then
fGetFileDetail = pvFolder.GetDetailsOf(pvFile, i)
End If
' if aFileFullPath provided do not exists
fGetFileDetail = "File not found"
End If
' make local variable happy. set them free
Set pvShell = Nothing
Set pvFileSystemObject = Nothing
Set pvFolderName = Nothing
Set pvFileName = Nothing
Set pvFolder = Nothing
Set pvFile = Nothing
Set i = Nothing
End Function

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